There are some people who know that shoe prices are inherently volatile, and some people have no idea.

Whether you knew this before or not, most people don’t know the best way to take advantage of this volatility. In this piece you will see a few examples of massive changes in shoe prices and discover that the only way to buy your shoes on Amazon is by setting your own price with ShadowBid. (Download the Chrome Extension)

First of all, this shoe volatility is not exclusive to one type of shoe or another. But some of the largest price changes that we see are in the high end sneaker market.

The price swings on this pair of Retro Air Jordan’s are 50%! And that is over less that one year. But it isn’t only that the range is so large, these shoes are also volatile with price changes quite often. In fact, the shoes that are currently $320 were recently as low as about $225. By setting your price with ShadowBid, you will ensure that when the price falls, you will get the sneakers before someone else and before the price goes back up.

Another great example of how often the prices of shoes change is in Women’s Fashion. Now, some designers do not allow Amazon, or anyone else, to change the price of their shoes, but some designers do.


This Stuart Weitzman Sandal is a terrific example

As you can see, there are big swings in price and a huge range as well. While these shoes are not currently at their high price, they are much higher than recent lows. By setting a price now with ShadowBid, you will be set to take advantage of the next big price drop in order to win a great pair of designer shoes at a comfortable price.

Now that you understand how much money you are wasting by assuming that the current price is the best price, you are ready to take advantage of all these changes. And the best way to do that is with ShadowBid. Currently there is a Chrome Extension available and our iPhone app is a few weeks from launching. I hope you won’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of one of the internet’s best kept secrets.

Here are a few more examples if you’re interested: