Choosing a bid price is an important detail

...If you bid too low, you will probably never win the product. Also, your bid price only represents your max. Most likely, the price will fall below your bid and you will save even more money!

There will always be stories of people who save 75% on something, but that is rare. It is more important to bid within a reasonable range. Most products will drop 10% within a short time period. And some will drop 20-30% over a few months. If you want the item, and don’t want to overpay, try bidding at a 15% discount.

Now, how should you set your price. Most people will bid an even dollar amount ($65 for example). But, items are rarely priced that nicely. We recommend placing bids at unusual numbers just above your desired level ($66). And then, try adding some change to the bid to increase your likelihood of winning ($66.25). That will set you in line ahead of anyone else who may be bidding for the product at $65. The higher your bid is, the higher your position in line for purchases.

Now get out there and start saving money!