We recently had a ShadowBid user write to us to ask why her bid had not purchased when she could see that the price was below her bid of $10

Awesomely, this was a bid for wireless Nintendo controllers, which I would also love! But more important than how cool the bid was, is why it hadn't purchased. Here is the story:

The Nintendo controllers are not in stock for Amazon verified sellers, but are only in stock with 3rd party marketplace sellers. Our platform is built to only purchase from the seller that wins the "Buy Box". That means that when you search for the product, it is the seller who appears on the main page and not one considered an Other Seller by Amazon. As you can see here, the Buy Box appears like this:


What that means is that no one has won the Buy Box or that the usual Buy Box winner is out of stock right now. If you click on “These Sellers” you see the screen below. Both of those sellers just recently created their accounts. My guess is that they are fraudulent sellers who saw an opportunity to get some purchases made because there is no Buy Box winner. So, they would take your order, but never ship anything to you. Amazon would refund everything, because they are an amazing company, but it’s a hassle. Also, even if they do intend to ship to you, these sellers often drop prices and jack up the shipping. This is done for a number of reasons. In part, they will not have to give up a % of the shipping to Amazon and so they can make a little extra money there. But also, it’s just a way to look like the best deal, but still make plenty of money.


Long story short: We don’t allow bids to execute for these sellers because it’s too hard to control for the issues that can come up. We limit purchases to Amazon, Amazon fulfilled, and to sellers that offer free shipping if you are a Prime member (this is a good proxy for their credibility).
Sorry for the confusion, but I hope this explanation makes sense.

Thanks for all the support!
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