Hello ShadowBidders,

We get a lot of questions about what other users are bidding on, and what we ourselves bid on. This will be the first in a continuously updated stream of bidding ideas. Most people initially assume that ShadowBid is only for bidding on expensive luxury items. But actually, it has use well beyond just that onetime purchase. One of the most popular items to bid on recently has been shoes of all kinds. Most people do not need a pair of shoes immediately, and so they are willing to wait for the price to come to them. We have had a number of big winners lately who bought everything from jogging sneakers, to high end women’s sandals (50% price drop!), to traditional hiking shoes and sneakers. So, when you begin thinking of items to bid on, keep in mind that there are a lot of purchases which you do not need immediately, but would love to save money on. Thanks, and keep bidding!