Just today I won something for the holidays in my ShadowBid account that is an amazing example of how quickly the prices change at Amazon.

A couple of weeks ago I placed a bid on some holiday decorations that were $95 at the time. I actually didn't expect the price to drop any time soon, but was planning for the price to drop in January sometime. But I liked the decorations and placed a bid, as I often do, as a much more efficient and productive Wishlist. I was looking for a large discount on this item and bid $52 because the price had fluctuated as low as $29 last winter. That's almost a 70% discount, though my bid was only a 45% discount.

At 11:00am today the price dropped to $47 and my bid purchased for me, in my Amazon account. I saved $48 with a discount over 50%! But the most amazing part was still to come. I was busy in a meeting when ShadowBid made this purchase for me, and did not see the notification until 1:00pm. In that 2 hour span, the price of the item had already gone back up to $80 on Amazon. A price alert would never have worked for me and I would have thrown away $35 had I not set a bid through ShadowBid.

Being away from my computer and phone for only 2 hours would have resulted in a loss of $35 had I then purchased the decorations from Amazon at $80. But more than likely, I just never would have made the purchase at that price and wouldn't have received the item. By placing an educated bid with ShadowBid, I lined myself up nicely for a win-win situation.

As you can see, prices change a lot, by large amounts, and can bounce up and down very quickly. There's really only one effective way to take advantage of a situation like this, and you're reading about it now. Download ShadowBid's Chrome extension or iPhone app and try placing a few bids on Wishlist items. You'll be amazed at the results!