Set It and Forget It

Shop once. Leave the price tracking and purchase to you!

Price History

Prices change on Amazon...a LOT. We use charting to show you where the price has been and also to inform what price you should pay.

Automatic Buying

Instead of just getting a notification, tell us what you want to pay. When the price drops, our application buys for you. And you never pay more than the current price.


We love data, and use it to help you choose what to pay. We tell you how often the price changes, by how much, and if its above or below average.

Prices on Your Terms!

Lets face it, the ecommerce world studies us. Step up your shopping game by studying merchants back. Make confident buying decisions.

Okay, What Does ShadowBid Do?

Think of it as the super wishlist.

Price History Charts

Automated Buying

Powerful Insights

Everything on Amazon

Price Alerts

Buyer Focused

How we are different

There are lots of tools that help you save money. However, we believe that to be totally satisfied when you shop, you need to feel like you had as much information as possible. But information can get messy.

We designed ShadowBid to be informative AND simple to use.

  • We deliver useful insights, like how far above or below normal the price is.
  • We also make simple recommendations based on historical data to take the guesswork out.
  • Use the plugin to help you decide if now is a good time to buy.
  • Name your price and we will buy it when the price drops.

How does it work?

We have the price history of almost everything on Amazon.

With this data, we discovered that prices on Amazon actually change a lot! But we always seem to miss the sales. We decided to build an automated tool so that we would never miss out. Now we have a way to save, even when we are sleeping.

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